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Canoeing and Kayaking

Child kayaking by the Llano River BluffsKayaking and canoeing enthusiasts love that the Homer Martin Ranch is nestled next to the Llano River.

If you don’t happen to visit the ranch during the beginning of June, there are a few kayak trips we’d like to recommend:

White’s Crossing to James River Crossing: 5 MILES

Family kayaking on the Llano RiverThe section of the Llano River from Junction to FM 1871, known as White’s Crossing, makes for a good day float. When you drop in, hold onto your paddle, because the rapids will be rolling. Nothing to worry about though. Deep pools, long riffles, and gravel bars make up most of this five-hour float.

James River Crossing to Martin’s Crossing: 6 MILES

Boy kayaking on the Llano River The James River crossing at FM 2389 is another good day’s trip. The 6 miles of river here are similar to the float from White’s Crossing to the James River Crossing with the exception of the lower water river crossing. There the flow is much slower, which means you’ll be using more muscle. On this trip, you’ll see the gargantuan cretaceous cliffs located on the Homer Martin Ranch featured on the cover of Texas Monthly. Immediately following the bluffs is a gravel bar located on the right-hand side of the river. Pull your kayaks ashore, and relax for a while.

Martin’s Crossing to HWY 87: 5 MILES

Girl kayaking on the Llano RiverMartin’s Crossing, located a quarter of a mile away from the Martin ranch house, is an easy place to drop your kayaks into the water, especially when you’re a guest on the ranch.

HWY 87 to Castell: 12 MILES

If you’re feeling strong and ready for a lengthy trip, try the stretch from HWY 87 to Castell.

We’d like to remind you - The Homer Martin Ranch does not provide gear to visitors. You can bring kayaks and canoes, or we can arrange trips via local guides. Just call ahead of time! When you need a rest, sit back and enjoy the river on the banks of the Homer Martin Ranch.

Photography courtesy of Paul Bozzo