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Father & daughter fishing on the Llano RiverLocated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the Homer Martin Ranch provides a unique fishing experience thanks to its two miles of riverfront property on the Llano River. With its stunning geography and clear, cool, spring-fed water, the Llano reminds many anglers of the blue-ribbon trout rivers of the West. With an annual outdoor temperature of 68 degrees in the Texas Hill Country area, one can fish year-round. And the ranch is only hours away from the cities of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston—a rarity in these parts for sure!

The Llano River contains a wide variety of game fish. Along with largemouth and small mouth bass, the river holds a large population of Guadalupe bass and Rio Grande perch. Found nowhere else but the Texas Hill Country, Guadalupe Bass love the Llano. It's no wonder they're the state fish of Texas. There are so darn many of them! Fly-fishing may be the preferred angle, but light tackle and worms seem to work just as well. We don’t recommend bringing a motorized boat, but if you want to kayak – it’s your pleasure. Here are two trips we’d recommend:

White’s Crossing to James River Crossing

Man fly-fishing on the Llano River from a kayak The section of the Llano River from Junction to FM 1871, known as White’s Crossing, can be easily accessed at three points : the city park in Junction, the crossing at FM 385, and the crossing at FM 314. White’s Crossing is where the real fun begins. The stretch between White’s Crossing and the James River Crossing is very typical of the fishing you will find all along the Llano and makes for a good day float. Deep pools, long riffles, and gravel bars make up the five-hour float. This stretch also has tall cliff faces that should always be fished. Whatever fly you choose, fishing it slow and deep is the recipe for success in the deeper runs of the Llano.

James River Crossing to Martin’s Crossing

Fly fisherman holding his catch in the Llano River The James River crossing at FM 2389 can also be used for another good day’s float. The 6 miles of river here are similar to the float from White’s Crossing to the James River Crossing with the exception of the lower water river crossing. There the flow is much slower and the fly choice should be a top water pattern. In the dog days of summer, the fishing in the lower section of the river can be some of the best of the river.

We’d like to remind you - Don’t forget your fishing pole. The Homer Martin Ranch does not provide gear to visitors. If you’re not craving a long trip down the river, let us introduce you to our favorite fishing spot located next to the bluffs (featured on the cover of Texas Monthly). When you arrive, we’ll show you around. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a recreational fisher, the Homer Martin Ranch is an excellent place to cast your line. When you get tired of catching fish, you may want to just sit back and enjoy the clear sparkling water of the Llano.