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Hiking and Biking

Father & daughter go hikingIf your idea of a fun weekend is breathing fresh air and working up a sweat while challenging yourself physically, the Homer Martin Ranch is waiting to be discovered. Just as horseback riders find the ranch enjoyable, hikers and mountain bikes will also love the many trails, pathways, elevations and different terrains located throughout the ranch. Considering the ubiquity of cattle, narrow strips of brown earth are already crisscrossing the pastures, climbing up river bluffs, and down creek beds, calling, summoning. Horse trail? Deer path? Hell no, friend, that’s single-track!

We know that there’s a dearth of public trails available to outdoor enthusiasts, and understand that a trip to the highly traveled paths of Barton Creek, Reimer’s Ranch or Trinity Trail may not offer the privacy you’re looking for. In comes, the Homer Martin Ranch. Though trail etiquette is always a must, here you won’t need to yield the trail to oncoming cyclists, or contend with self-proclaimed hardheads tearing through a narrow pathway. For the time you’re with us, the ranch is yours.

Girl goes hikingIf there’s a hidden hiker within you, the Ranch boasts 2,500 acres to roam about. Given it’s rocky terrain and higher elevation, the Cabin Pasture offers a more challenging hike, but not without a good payoff – panoramic views of the countryside. Hiking is especially welcomed during the spring months, when wildflowers blanket the ground.

We encourage all visitors to mind their safety. When you’re riding your bike, wear a helmet. Protective eyewear and gloves can also go along way toward keeping you healthy. Tree limbs always seem to be eye-high and within your path, and any time you’re forced to leave your bike via flying, your hands frequently break the fall. So protect your body. Live to ride another day! Let us be truthful – There are dangers on ranch trails. Creepy crawlers (otherwise known as snakes and bugs) do reside on our premises. Stay mindful and prepared. We also do not provide bikes or equipment. Sorry folks.

Mountain Biker on a trailWith that said, we feel certain that while you’re here, you’ll have a good time. Hiking and biking is more than a way of getting from one place to another. It’s more than a workout. It’s more than a sport. Spending a weekend outside with family and friends is a means of restoring balance. It grants you time to delete the spam from our mind and clear your head for the upcoming workweek. It can be thoughtless or thoughtful, calming or invigorating. Most of all, trail exploring is fun – a lot of fun!

Photography courtesy of Paul Bozzo