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What others are saying...

Dear Homer,

The Mills family enjoyed a fine time on the beautiful Martin Ranch. The Bast Creek hole was outstanding for old and young alike, and the river supplied fun floating in tubes across the shallows. Some of us made drives through the pastures, revisiting areas where we hunted as children with our father beginning in 1939 and later with our own sons in the mid-1970’s.

We are so very grateful for the friendship with the Martins beginning at Texas A&M in 1909, almost 100 years ago. Many thanks for your hospitality.


Mills Family

Homer Martin Ranch is the BEST place to go for hog hunting, relaxation and lots of fun. The cabins and lodge are great, even the city folks can be comfortable. We have had the privilege of taking many groups to the Ranch and hope to take more over the years. Thank you, Homer, for making your place available for all to enjoy!

Belinda Flores

Spending a weekend at the Homer Martin Ranch was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation that I needed. While driving along the paths and seeing the great water holes, I enjoyed seeing the views and landscape that were just awe inspiring. Also, stopping in Fredericksburg on the way to the ranch, I was able to get my shopping fix and enjoy a great brew and burger, not to mention the fact that Mason County sold me the best coconut cream pie I've ever tasted. By far, one of the best few days I've had in a long time. I'm definitely looking forward to my return trip!!

Tania P.